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Rejensa Joint Supplement

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  • Fast-acting Rejensa joint care chews are the only joint care chews for dogs that contains Gluco Blu® (N-Butyryl Glucosamine), an improved form of glucosamine that really works.
  • See the difference in as little as 16 days.*
  • In a recent study, dogs given Rejensa showed statistically significant improvement of quality of life, as compared to those given a leading glucosamine product.
Dog’s weight Number of
chews per day
Days given
30-chew jar
Days given
60-chew jar
Up to 29 lbs ½ 60 Days 120 Days
30 to 59 lbs 1 30 Days 60 Days
60 to 89 lbs 1 ½ 20 Days 40 Days
90 to 120 lbs 2 15 Days 30 Days


Does your dog need Rejensa?

Dogs may show signs of developing joint pain or joint-related issues throughout their lives. It’s difficult to know if your dog is experiencing joint pain because dogs have naturally evolved to hide pain or discomfort. Signs to look for include:

  • Hesitancy to climb up or down stairs
  • Trouble rising after lying down
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Difficulty jumping into the car or onto the bed
  • Lagging behind and reluctance to go on walks
  • A lost interest in running, fetching and play
  • Irritability and general behavior changes

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