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Sentrx Ocular Repair Gel

This item is by prescription only.



Oculenis BioHAnce Ocular Repair Gel is clinically proven to help accelerate healing for ocular injuries in pets. Unlike ordinary ophthalmology products for pets, it is formulated with a patented cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that creates a molecular matrix and scaffolding that supports accelerated healing in a unique way that traditional eye drops do not.

Promotes accelerated* healing by 50%:

reducing the time your pet is in pain, needing bandages or wearing “the cone of shame”1

Engineered for convenience:

enhanced duration means fewer applications each day

Formulated for precise dosing:

the aqueous gel consistency is easy to control without globbing or dripping

Protects and hydrates with every blink:

creates a sheer barrier on the ocular surface