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Glandex – Product Spotlight

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What is Glandex? Glandex is a pet-safe supplement formulated in the USA specifically for dogs and cats with recurring anal gland problems. With this tasty treat, Glandex, is the proven solution with a high rate of effectiveness against the need for frequent anal gland expressions. How Does It Work? Glandex uses a unique fiber blend…

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DIY Dog Treats: Tasty Treats Your Dog is Sure to Love!

Baked with love, these treats will be a surefire hit at your house this summer! Frozen Treats PB&Fruit Pops        Ingredients Water 1/2 cup peanut butter 1 cup chopped fruit 2 tablespoons flax seeds Directions Combine peanut butter and water and pour into the bundt pan (or any other kind of pan). Add the fruit and…

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Heartworm Prevention: Is It Necessary?

Heartworm Disease is a growing problem across the United States for dogs of all age, sizes, and breeds. The latest research shows that diagnosis in dogs has risen by 21% in the past 10 years. The rise in Heartworm Disease occurrence is directly related to climate changes, which is allowing for warmer weather in typically…

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