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Glandex – Product Spotlight

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What is Glandex?

Glandex is a pet-safe supplement formulated in the USA specifically for dogs and cats with recurring anal gland problems. With this tasty treat, Glandex, is the proven solution with a high rate of effectiveness against the need for frequent anal gland expressions.

How Does It Work?

Glandex uses a unique fiber blend to help create firm and bulky stools to help naturally empty the anal glands when your pet defecates. Included in the patented formula are a blend of natural anti-inflammatories, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to encourage a healthy gut.

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When starting your pet on Glandex, you should give your pet half of the recommended dose to allow your pet to become used to the added fiber content to their diet.

Is it safe?

There are no known side effects to Glandex, however, you may notice larger stools. You should begin to see improvements in your pet within 3-5 weeks. For those pets with a more severe anal gland problem, results can take longer.

Glandex is available in many forms, including flavored powder and soft chews. The powder can be mixed directly with your pet’s food and the soft chews can be given as a daily treat. Please note the powder formula is approved for dogs & cats whereas the soft chews are strictly for dogs.

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Dosage chart for glandex powder

Daily Dosage Per Glandex® 2.5 oz bottle Per Glandex® 4 oz bottle Per Glandex® 5.5 oz bottle
under 15
1/8 tsp 200 days (6 months) 320 days (10 months) 440 days (14 months)
Dogs 15-25 pounds 1/4 tsp 100 days (3 months) 160 days (5 months) 220 days (7 months)
Dogs 26-50 pounds 1/2 tsp 50 days (1.5 months) 80 days (2.5 months) 110 days (3.5 months)
Dogs 51-75 pounds 3/4 tsp 32 days (1 month) 51 days (1.5 months) 70 days (2 months)
Dogs over 76 pounds 1 tsp 25 days (3 weeks) 40 days (5 weeks) 55 days (7 weeks)

Dosage chart for Glandex soft chews

Pet’s Weight Daily Dosage Per Glandex® Soft Chews 30 ct Per Glandex® Soft Chews 60 ct Per Glandex®
Soft Chews 120 ct
under 15 pounds
60 days
(2 months)
120 days
(4 months)
240 days
(8 months)
Dogs 15-25
1 Soft Chew 30 days
(1 month)
60 days
(2 months)
120 days
(4 months)
Dogs 26-50
2 Soft Chews 15 days
(2 weeks)
30 days
(1 month)
60 days
(2 months)
Dogs 51-75
3 Soft Chews 10 days (1.5 weeks) 20 days
(3 weeks)
40 days
(1.5 months)
over 76 pounds
4 Soft Chews 7.5 days
(1 week)
15 days
(2 weeks)
30 days
(1 month)

If you are seeing frequent anal gland expressions, infections, or impactions with your pet, consider starting Glandex. It is always recommended to discuss any supplements or additives with your veterinarian prior to starting.

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